Escala en Mahón del HMS GENEREUX (74), en viaje a Malta.  Marina Lermontov.  (04/12/2009)

  El 16 de marzo de 1800 fondeaban en Mahón el GENEREUX (74) y el VILLE DE MARSEILLE (74), capturados a los franceses, en viaje a Malta con víveres y municiones.

  Built in 1785.

  Taken by Lord Nelson’s squadron in the Mediterranean on 18 February 1800.
Broken up in 1816.

  GENEREUX (74), flying the flag of Rear Admiral Perée, in company with three frigates and a corvette, had been trying to take troops from Toulon for the relief of the French garrison in Malta, when she was sighted by ALEXANDER (74).

  After being raked by SUCCESS (32) she finally struck to FOUDROYANT (80) and NORTHUMBERLAND (74).
Lord Nelson sent Lieut. Andrew Thompson, 1st. Of FOUDROYANT (80), to take charge of her and ordered NORTHUMBERLAND (74) and ALEXANDER (74) to take her into Syracuse to await Lord Keith’s orders.

  On 28 February Lord Nelson recorded that he had received 70 Maltese for GENEREUX (74) and he directed the ENTREPRENANTE (10) cutter to call off Marsa Sirocco as Com. Troubridge had them all ready.

Soon after the capture of GUILLAUME TELL (80) on 31 March 1800, Captain Manley Dixon was removed from LION (64) to GENEREUX (74) and continued to be employed on the blockade of Malta until the island surrendered on 5 September 1800.

  1801 Captain V. C. Berkley, Mediterranean. She arrived in Portsmouth from Gibraltar on 27 July 1802 and sailed for Plymouth on 1 August.
At Plymouth arrangements were made for her to be laid up in the River Tamar, on account of her great draught, as soon as she had completed quarantine.

  On 5 August "she made a signal to Rear Admiral Dacres which was answered directly and she ran up the harbour to her moorings, to be stripped, paid off, and her crew discharged."

  1805 Lieut. William Lanyon, prison ship at Plymouth.

  Broken up February 1816.


Taken from  Michael Philip's Ships of the Old Navy.

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