La corbeta HMS CORMORANT en el ataque de Addaya.  Marina Lermontov.  (10/11/2009)

   The French L’ETNA taken by MELAMPUS, Captain J. Moore and Childers, off the coast of France 13 November 1796.

  She was wrecked 1800.

  1797 Captain J.C Searle

  1798 Captain Robert Mark kerr

  On the 27 October CORMORANT captured the French privateer TARTAR.

  7 November 1798, she took part in St. Vincent’s attack of Minorca. ARGO, CORMORANT and AURORA covered the landing at Addaya. A Spanish battery of 12 pounders fired one gun but then the gunners fled after blowing up the magazine and spoking the guns.

  On the 10th she took possession of the Spanish ship FRANCISCO VAVIAR, alias ESPERANZA, laden with drugs and bale goods, in the harbour of Minorca. Letters from Gibralter in January 1799, reported that CORMORANT had captured a very valuable Spanish packet from the River Plate bound for Barcelona. One boat was lost boarding the packet, but the crew were saved.  Lieut Woolridge boarded her in the jolly boat with eight men and took possession of her though there were 55 guards on board.

  On March 19 1799, CORMORANT gave chase to a brig wo windward and after four hours brought her to. She was the Spanish VINCELO, mounting eighteen 6 pounders on her gun deck and six brass 4 pounders on her quarter deck and two on her forecastle, and having 144 men on board. During the chase she thre six of the 6 pounders overboard.

  1799 Capt. Hon. Courtenay Boyle, .

  On 20 May 1800 she was wrecked on the coast of Egypt when she ran on shore three and a half miles from the Bogaz of Rosetta All the crew were saved



Taken from  Michael Philip's Ships of the Old Navy.


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