El HMS CULLODEN en segunda línea de la escuadra de Byng  Marina Lermontov  (09/11/2009)

  CULLODEN (74), 3rd rate Built in 1747, Deptford DY. Sold in 1770.

  1750 Capt. Cotton Dent, May. Guardship in the Medway at Chatham. In 1753 he retired from the service, being appointed a captain of Greenwich Hospital.

  1753 Capt. Henry Ward, January. Newly re-fitted as guardship in the Medway. In 1755, CULLODEN was sent out to the Mediterranean with Admiral Byng. In the encounter with the French fleet off Port Mahon she was stationed in the line as the Admiral's second astern and prevented from closing with the enemy. Captain Ward was ordered home to give evidence against Mr Byng and deposed that the enemy's shot fell short of him, and expressed his view that if the Admiral had borne down, the greater part of the French fleet might have been taken. 1756 Capt. Smith Callis, August, was sent out to Minorca, when Captain Ward was recalled, and retained the command.

  In 1759 Admiral Boscawen sent Captain Callis, as senior officer, with CONQUEROR and JERSEY, into the harbour mouth at Toulon in an attempt to destroy two French ships lying there. Although the attack was unsuccessful due to heavy fire from several heavy masked batteries whose presence was not previously known, it was pressed home with great gallantry for more than three hours. They tried to destroy two forts defending the entrance, but were forced to abandon the attempt and the ships were towed out, with great difficulty. The squadron returned to Gibraltar to refit allowing M. de la Clue, with his squadron of 12 large ships and 3 frigates, an opportunity to escape from Toulon and sail for Brest. However Admiral Boscawen was warned by the Gibralter frigate and nearly half the French squadron were captured or destroyed. CULLODEN lost 4 killed and 15 wounded.

  At the time Captain Callis was actually a flag office. Due, it was supposed, to some official neglect, his commission was not sent out to him for some considerable time after his promotion. He died in Bath on 22 October 1761.

  1759 Capt. John Barker, appointed out of JERSEY. On 7 Sept. 1760 he sailed for Guadeloupe, on which station she remained for the rest of the war.

  On 25 March 1763 CULLODEN came into Portsmouth Harbour to be paid off and laid up in Ordinary.

  Taken from  Michael Philip's Ships of the Old Navy.

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